(According to Common European Framework of Reference,(CEFR))

A 1 = Beginner
A 2 = Elementary
B 1 = Intermediate
B 2 = Upper-Intermediate
C 1 = Advanced
C 2 = Proficiency
The given system of a foreign language proficiency helps to identify the required level of knowledge and skills in learning a foreign language.


You will learn

  • At the BEGINNER level: read correctly, use basic words and phrases, build simple sentences.
  • At the ELEMENTARY level: communicate in English at the everyday level. For example, if you are in a store, bank, cafe or abroad and want to book a hotel room, ask residents for directions – this level is enough to express your thoughts in any everyday situation without having a large vocabulary.
  • At the PRE-INTERMEDIATE level: maintain a simple dialogue, freely express your thoughts using basic grammar and grammatical constructions, ask questions of the interlocutor and have a general understanding of the information told to you in English.
  • At the INTERMEDIATE level: understand the foreign speaker well, exchange information, communicate on various topics (having a sufficient vocabulary), skillfully use grammatical tenses and conduct a dialogue.
  • At the UPPER-INTERMEDIATE level: to communicate freely on various topics, using more complex speech patterns and grammatical tenses, to perfectly perceive foreign speech by ear. At this level, knowledge is systematized and grammatical constructions are fixed through conversational practice.
  • At the ADVANCED level: communicate fluently in English with a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures; quickly understand the speech of native speakers and express their ideas spontaneously and fluently (without experiencing difficulties with the choice of grammatical time or construction).
  • At the PROFICIENCY level: speak English at the level of a native speaker.
NB! The total training period depends on the frequency of classes and the speed of perception of the material.

When passing any level during the training, all 4 basic skills of the English language are practiced: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.

In order to better understand your level of English proficiency at the moment – you can take our grammar test online.