English Forum ONLINE – includes such areas as:  intensive preparation for IELTS, immigration, improving teaching efficiency, online conferences / webinars, as well as  English language courses, which are based on the author’s teaching methodology, which allows you to master practical skills in the shortest possible time.

The advantage of this technique is that you:

  • Overcome the language barrier and learn to express thoughts fluently in English (since 70% of the lesson time is devoted to the development of speaking skills);
  • Master all 4 English skills (Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening) that are essential in any form of communication.

Study materials:

In the classroom, exclusively modern authentic Cambridge/ Oxford publishing materials are used, which allow you to make your education high-quality, effective and interesting. All training material is provided to you as a course listener free of charge and you receive it to your email.

Individual approach:

After passing the online grammar test, we will be able to determine your level of English proficiency and select an individual program for your study.


Founder of the English Forum online

Inna Corduna

12 years of experience in teaching English. Two higher educations: 1. Philological (Faculty of foreign (English/German) languages) 2. Economics (accounting and audit).

Specialized IELTS trainer for the intensive training of the international exam (certificate confirming qualification).

The creator of the author’s unique program IELTS INTENSIVE, which has been preparing students for the exam for 7 years and is popular not only within Ukraine/Russia, but also abroad.

IELTS public speaker in the format of online / offline conferences.

Certificates: IELTS 8.0, TESOL/TEFL.