Ekaterina Shmagina :
Inna is a goal oriented teacher and very good in time managing! My overall band was 6.0, my husband’s is 5.0. We both achieved even better results than we’ve expected. Hard work during our test preparation, but very comfortable while testing. Thank you, Inna!
Olga Klimenko :
I want to say a big thank you for the intensive training and excellent presentation of materials. Inna, this is a teacher from God !!! Every minute, every second of the lesson, a person tries to give new knowledge, filter out an essay or letter, work out new constructions ….. The visible progress after lessons with Inna gives Sely and the desire to continue studying. I was very glad to study with this teacher, the person is burning with his work and sincerely worries about the student
Serhii Polishchuk :
I am glad that fate brought me together with a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person like Inna. Together we went through a difficult path of preparation for IELTS. I am grateful to this tutor for her patience and perseverance. Thanks to her, we got a positive result on the exam.
Vladimir Kipyatkov :
Thank you for your knowledge! You are the best teacher I have worked with in preparation for IELTS, and there were many of them! Your approach is unique. My results are your merit! Thank you
Denis Sorokovoy :
I want to say a big thank you to Inna for preparing and successfully passing the IELTS test. Despite the low initial level, the exam was passed on time. Thanks to the right approach to learning and providing the necessary knowledge, it allowed me to change my life. Thank you very much for the work you have done, I always remember our classes with pleasure))
Pavel Pavlov :
I wanna say few words about our work and share my impressions about it! Inna, You made a great work, You discovered for me all necessary demands and aspects for successful essay in writing. We had a great and very useful conversations for improving good Speaking. In addition you gave me materials and books for my preparing in Listening and Reading. If I hadn’t classes with You I wouldn’t achieve my result It was very pleasure to be Your student, you are the Best Tutor. Спасибо за все!
Pavel Kirpulyansky :
Hello, Inna! Thank you very much for your patience with my person, I’m sorry I didn’t do my homework, it seemed to me that I learned everything quickly enough in the group, everything was quite clear and systematic … but you know better!)
Sergey Pashko :
I was preparing for IELTS with Inna. My level of English was not high, I could not speak, I knew only basic grammar. Thanks to Inna and her method of preparation I soon started talking. After the training course I passed IELTS at 5.5. I advise everyone this teacher!
  1. Сергей :

    Спасибо English Forum Online за помощь в подготовке к IELTS. Жду экзамен. В знаниях уверен на все 100%

  2. Яна :

    С помощью Инны успешно сдала экзамен IELTS. Несмотря на все трудности,мне удалось получить общий балл 5.0 за короткий промежуток времени. Интенсивная практика и материал со всеми нужными техниками мне очень помогли!Спасибо!

  3. Julia :

    It was an amazing experience to work with Inna!
    My overall band became 6.5 thanks to my teacher.
    You gave me knowledge and great support!
    Highly recommended

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