Intensive IELTS course consists of 8 online lessons in 1: 1 format, which include:

  • a complete understanding of the exam (what the test consists of, how it is conducted, how to fill in the answer forms correctly)
  • Theory + practice of every aspect (listening, reading, writing, speaking)
  • Skeleton of writing assignments (essays, tables and different types of letters), templates for the speaking section, techniques for performing the reading and listening sections
  • Analysis of “pitfalls” in the exam
  • Practice of allocating time during the tasks completion (time management)
  • Reliable resources for self- practice
This course is suitable for those candidates who wish to become familiar with the exam format and have an understanding of how to complete each aspect of the test in a short period of time.

Suitable Level for Intensive Training: Intermediate
The material is provided in electronic mode free of charge