IELTS “Full Course” includes one-to-one online lessons, which allow you to master all 4 aspects of the exam (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking), analyzing the implementation of each of them, as well as providing the necessary techniques / strategies for a successful test performing and getting the desired score. The material provided is based on the works of former IELTS examiners (one of them and the most in-demand among students – Simon Corcoran), who will teach you the correct structure of the assignment, reveal the pitfalls of the exam, the so-called “traps” and provide you with the most effective techniques to complete assignments successfully.

Practice on the Cambridge books, which contain tests identical to the exam – will familiarize you with the exam format and give you the opportunity to practise skills in all 4 of its aspects (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking).

What will you get after completing the “Full course”

  • Full understanding of the implementation of each of the aspects
  • Tips / cliché for all three parts of speaking (Speaking) + practice of the speed and fluency while speaking
  • Skeleton of the essay writing, academic tables and different types of the letters (formal, semi-formal, informal)
  • Necessary grammar and vocabulary to achieve the desired score
  • Papers by former examiners containing examples of written assignments
  • Secrets of successful time management for writing and reading
  • Analysis of “pitfalls” in the exam
  • Special features of filling in the Answer sheets
  • Assessment tables for the test aspects such as Writing, Speaking
  • List of trusted resources for self-practice and training

Duration of the course

  • The duration of the course depends on the frequency of the lessons conducted and the level of the students;
  • The schedule is selected individually for everyone, taking into account time preferences;
  • All study material is provided to students electronically free of charge;
  • Written works are checked after hours.